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Living the good life as a housewife and lucky to be a mommy, a Nestlette loves it all without getting lost in cupcakes and crafts. While in pursuit of a happy wifestyle, she has not forgotten to be true to herself. Always looking her best, she enjoys a lovely life beyond picket fences and shimmering strands of pearls.

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To follow…

November 9th, 2010


Inspiration and Ideas for a Wedding Reception that is small, simple and sophisticated.

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Time to fall back in time

November 7th, 2010


Happy Daylight Savings!

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ain’t that fancy

November 4th, 2010


Caldrea Ceramic Refrigerator Freshener; Provencal Biscuit Canister from Anthropologie; Juliska Villandry Triple Server; Antique Butter Bell Crock.

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wise ol’ bird

November 3rd, 2010


Intelligence building toys for toddlers and dogs. P’kolino Nesting Birds for toddlers and Martha Stewart Chicken Coop for Dogs.

Cath Kidston antique rose bath sheet

Nestlette Recommends:

Towelling by Cath Kidston

Add some beautiful florals to your bathroom with our new Antique Rose Bouquet towelling. Made from soft fluffy cotton, with a pretty pink and green printed design. This pretty bath sheet is ideal for wrapping up after a warm bath and there are other matching items available too.

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who versus whom

November 2nd, 2010


“I love you. You are the object of my affection and my sentence.” Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tip for Who versus Whom.

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violight of my life

November 1st, 2010


Your cell phone might be dirtier than the bottom of your shoe, or even your toilet seat!
I have already mentioned my love of the violight toothbrush sanitizers and this sanitizer for the cell phone is so necessary!

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snickerdoodle dandy

October 28th, 2010


Mrs. Meyer’s is spreading the holiday cheer with her seasonal scents. Fill the air with the nutmeg & cinnamon sugar goodness of a Snicker Doodle scented soy candle. But don’t tease your tummy with a yummy scent that you can smell but can’t eat – bake a few Snickerdoodles too!

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