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Living the good life as a housewife and lucky to be a mommy, a Nestlette loves it all without getting lost in cupcakes and crafts. While in pursuit of a happy wifestyle, she has not forgotten to be true to herself. Always looking her best, she enjoys a lovely life beyond picket fences and shimmering strands of pearls.

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How to Build a Fire

December 19th, 2010


From the author who brought you How to Sew a Button, Erin Bried brings you How to Build a Fire – And other handy things your grandfather knew. From the practical things such as how to bait a hook and catch a big fish or how to change a flat tire and save the day. To how to be the perfect gentleman – looking dapper and giving a sparkling toast.

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You Are…

December 17th, 2010


Featured in the notorious catalog strategically placed in the seat backs in front of you, Sky Mall. This distressed wooden sign is inscribed with rambling of sweet sayings about your better half.

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achooz you

December 8th, 2010


While a stuffy, runny nose will still make you feel icky on the inside, you can minimize your battle wounds with saline nose wipes by achooz! Better than a dry tissue, they clean, moisturize with Vitamin E and aloe and refresh with saline to take care of the mucus (ewww!)

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Stuff your Stockings

December 6th, 2010


The World of Stocking Stuffers at Restoration Hardware: Left: Warm hands and hearts with luxe cashmere on a crisp winter’s day with Mini Cashmere Hand Warmers, $15 Center: Let the cards inspire a story and the rest of it’s telling is up to you, The Storymatic, $34 Right: Secure household items and easily peel them [...]

Stately Scroll from the Letterpress Collection

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Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas

From fresh, modern wedding invitations to unique save the date cards, bridal shower invitations, thank you cards and more, Wedding Paper Divas offers everything you need to look great on paper as you plan your wedding.

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Seasons Greetings

December 5th, 2010


Time to send your holiday greeting cards. Send a photo card and let Shutterfly do the licking, stamping, addressing and mailing for you for just $0.99!

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catch up on ketchup

December 2nd, 2010


There’s a new standard in quality for ketchup, created by a wonderful and kind man by the name of Sir Kensington – featuring all natural ingredients, such as agave nectar, apple cider vinegar and wholesome red pear tomatoes, it’s more delicious, versitile and healthier than any store-bought ketchup you’ve ever had.

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The Suitcase Chair

November 30th, 2010


Have a seat? And start a conversation! These suitcase chairs are an illustration of recycled furniture done well. They are no longer one thing (i.e., a suitcase) or another (i.e., a chair) but become something new entirely. Designer Katie Thompson not only gives new life to old things, but also brings beauty to them through her eclectic style, pretty fabrics and handsome materials. Each piece is one of a kind with an attention to detail that can’t be missed and character that can’t be found in one of Ingvar Kamprad warehouses.

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