have you herd?

August 31st, 2012


cowshed products

Cowshed is mother nature brand of honest, natural bath and home products for the whole family. The no-nasties ingredients make it good and clean while cheeky names, like “Spoilt Cow,” make it fun!

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glamglow & luster white

April 30th, 2012


Look like a star in minutes with your brightest smile and best face forward! Glamglow is a celeb-adored illuminating mud mask that ramps up your radiance and transforms your glow factor. And Luster White makes your smile instantly whiter.

all tied up

March 2nd, 2012


emi-jay hair ties with crystal bead

Emi-Jay handmade hair ties look sleek and feminine in your hair and when you feel like letting your hair down, they make a cute bracelet too.

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brush em brush em brush em

February 19th, 2012


chou chou i love you toothy tabs

Nothing stinks more than bad breath. Toothy Tabs keep your pearly whites minty fresh and smelling like roses.

Tocca candle in Tahiti

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Tocca Candles

The Tiare flower is as beautiful a symbol of the island of Tahiti as its native people. Its pure essence combined with the sweetness of coconut pays homage to the sensual tranquility of this most alluring of islands.

wristy business

February 14th, 2012


lisa hoffman fragrance bracelets

Lisa Hoffman has designed a charming way to wear perfume without a spritz from a bottle. Her fragrance bracelets provide a signature scent while making a statement of style.

otc beauty bar

January 23rd, 2012


Wouldn’t it be nice if a quick trip to CVS with a ten spot in your pocket could still give you that thrill you were seeking and fulfill your beauty needs. Maybe it can. And these are a few items that will make it happen.

miracle workers

January 12th, 2012


“Wow!” products for amazing hair, skin and nails.

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