healthy teeth, bright smiles

May 2nd, 2013



Of course you need to remove surface stains, but healthy gums and strong enamel are also key to a brighter smile.

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5 Hairspray Miracles

April 17th, 2013


hairspray miracles

Think all you can do is shellac everything down, helmet-head style? So wrong! A can of whatever’s in your cabinet is your secret beauty weapon.

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“knead” an alternative to Botox

April 8th, 2013


abigail james facial massage

As it turns out, the secret to a beautiful face isn’t hiding in a jar of expensive cream or require routine injections with sharp pointy needles. The trick is right at your fingertips!

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what do you mean by “green?”

March 14th, 2013


green beauty products

Everyone seems to be quick to say something, someone, or they themselves are “green” but what does it really mean? It’s time to define a few eco-friendly terms so that we can shop the great green products with a clean conscious and better confidence.

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The Laundress signature detergent

Nestlette Recommends:

The Laundress Signature Detergent

The Laundress is an eco-chic line of specialty detergents and fabric care committed to being green for you, your clothing, and the environment.

drybar: the perfect blowout at home

March 5th, 2013


drybar tool line

Drybar, the blowdry-only salon that has perfected the blowout, has created a line of products and tools to achieve and maintain the perfect blowout at home.

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champagne taste & sparkling beauty treats

February 21st, 2013


pop the champagne

Pop open the bubbly! It’s time to brighten up your cool dull skin and dry winter tresses with a tipsy treat.

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turning thirty, time to get pertty

February 1st, 2013


old and young face

Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Eighty — No matter what your age, you’re never too old to start a beauty regimen. Just remember to pay special attention to those areas that plastics can’t touch.

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