Nestlette is our generation of housewife – reinvented!

It all began with an honest answer to a simple question. When asked what I wanted to be, I said that I wanted to be a housewife. Apparently, a five-year plan of wanting to get married and have a family comes across with an air of aimlessness because, more often than not, this goal of mine was met with an incredulous glance and, needless to say, never taken very seriously. In fact, I was once told that I couldn’t get away with being adorable forever – this was not my intention in the slightest.

In search of a proper career, I delved into a variety of professions always putting my best foot forward. And although I could see myself being successful, I didn’t have that feeling of satisfaction, of purpose. For me, success is what you make of it and a housewife with a figurative six-figure salary still seemed like it would be the most fulfilling. But why all the doubt and assumption that becoming a housewife lacked ambition?

Perhaps it is the antiquated notion of an ever dependent little lady doting around in pearls that gave a lofty impression. Or, maybe it’s the poor manner in which housewives have evolved into overly dramatic middle-aged divorcees that has tarnished the housewife brand. I can assure you that my idea of a housewife resembled nothing of the sort.

“Try not to become a (wo)man of success. Rather become a (wo)man of value.”

- Albert Einstein

The way I saw it, becoming a housewife wouldn’t obscure my potential, it would showcase it. It wasn’t a lifestyle that just came to be, it was an opportunity. One in which I felt confident I could achieve both a level of success and merit that went beyond white picket fences and spoiled wannabe soap stars. Something that would be meaningful, valuable and very much appreciated.

While we do engage in cliche necessities like cooking, cleaning and laundry, a Nestlette is far from old-fashioned and nothing short of a class act. We would not make ideal cover girls for a 1955 issue of Housekeeping Monthly. And while we aren’t afraid to give our two cents (sometimes nickles and dimes), we do so tastefully and won’t be caught pulling hair in a catfight or make botox out to be a chore.

“Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

- Ella Fitzgerald

A Nestlette certainly knows what she can do, but is fortunate to do what she wants to do – what she loves to do. Nothing is holding her back – a Nestlette can have it all and, in our opinion, we certainly do. With our charm and intelligence, we are enterprising and inspirational and have in no way sacrificed any amount of integrity to play house. We’re proud to be the embellishments to domestic bliss and this is insight into our avant garde world. Enjoy!

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