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soap flakes

January 27th, 2012

soap flakes by nathalie stampfli

To use bar soap instead of liquid, inspired by Nathalie Stampfli’s Soap Flakes pictured above.

waterfall soap saver

While liquid soap is easy, bar soap is more ecological – less water, less packaging, etc.. And there are some great things about bar soap: It’s inexpensive, it smells pretty and it looks pretty too. It also looks fresh and clean – as long as it doesn’t get used. Once it gets wet, that’s the end of that. It immediately begins to lose its shape, the crisp molded edges melt away and it morphs into a slippery lump sitting in a puddle of its own mucky water. A slimy sensation that makes you squeamish and becomes unappealing as a constant reminder that someone else’s grubby hands were all over it. Gross! And then perhaps this stops you from washing your own hands – gross gross! The design of soap flakes is grate! – keeps the soap dry and untouched until you need to get it wet. And the Waterfall Soap Saver by Trademark Home creates a tilted platform to drain excess water and keep soap from turning into a piece of soft mush, $14.99

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