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January 3rd, 2012

morris lessmore dodo case

Some would argue that when it comes to reading a book, there is nothing quite like turning the pages of one with ink on paper. Sure nothing looks as pleasing as shelves lined with rows and rows of rigid books with goldfoiled titles scrolled down their spines. However, it is pretty great having an entire library in the palm of your hand. But making sure the art of a book-bound-book is not lost in a deep sea of Kindles and iPads is a handmade book bound case with a cute name – DODOcase preserves traditional bookbinding techniques with a simple philosophy that keeps the centuries old craft alive and well by adapting bookbinding to fit modern electronic devices. The DODOcase has solid bamboo construction, a foldback-to-stand function and magnetic wake/sleep activation that keeps your fiction safe while maintaining the integrity of a hard-bound book, starting at $59.95 for iPad, also available for Kindle Fire

Cath Kidston antique rose bath sheet

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Towelling by Cath Kidston

Add some beautiful florals to your bathroom with our new Antique Rose Bouquet towelling. Made from soft fluffy cotton, with a pretty pink and green printed design. This pretty bath sheet is ideal for wrapping up after a warm bath and there are other matching items available too.

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