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fathers day gift guide

June 15th, 2011

ipod nano watch band

Apple iPod Nano® Watch Band by HEX

A silicone band that converts a Nano into a watch making listening to music as functional as telling time. The pop-in pop-out design provides protection and securely holds the device in place. Integrated control buttons and audio port cover with inline orientation, $29.95

Bang! lamp

Bang! Lamp by bitplay

Bang! is a desk lamp with a gun-shaped remote controller. User can fire the “gun” to turn the light off. The light goes out and the lampshade knocks to the side, showing that it’s been hit. To turn it back on, simply shot it again, and the lampshade will raise up slowly and turn the light back on at the same time.

grove made iphone case

iPhone & iPad Cases by Grove

Custom laser-engraved iPhone 4 and iPad cases from a block of 100% solid Moso bamboo (which is not the bamboo that pandas eat). Handmade one-by-one in Portland, the team of artisans skillfully crafts each case into a work of art with precision and attention to detail, $69-$99

palette coasters

Palette-It Coasters by Labyrinth

Piled with heavy boxes and left out in all kinds of weather, life is all work and no play for industrial wooden pallets. And even when they are shrunk to minature-sized stackable palette coasters, they still do all the heavy lifting to keep your drinks off the table, about $30

duct tape coffee mug

Duct Tape Coffee Mug

Nothing says motivation like the feel of duct tape in your hand knowing you’ve done your best to fix it half-way! For the handy dad, let him take this mug out to the garage for morning coffee while mulling over the latest mending project and if it breaks, well, he’ll know what to do, $12.99

fire bucket barbecue

Fire Bucket Barbecue

A summer-time favorite this old fashion style Fire Bucket doubles as a portable barbecue. Made from enameled metal, it has bags full of quirkiness as well as being a simple to use, fuss free barbecue that can be taken just about anywhere, about $60

Butter London nail lacquer

Nestlette Recommends:

Butter London Nail Lacquers

These beautiful lacquer collections are impossible to part with, and create a stunning visual for your dressing table. No More Waity, Katie is a soft, elegant greige shade with a splash of lilac glitter for the perfect marriage to combine fashion and fun.

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