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bump gloss and loss

January 6th, 2011

Bump Gloss

Keep your baby bump flawless and flossy with a bit of bump glossy. Bump Gloss by The Spoiled Mama is a super hydrating, long lasting oil that is rich in antioxidants with collagen boosting properties that make skin feel soft and supple. Follow up the Gloss with a rub of Tummy Butter to seal in the moisture and increase your tummy’s elasticity. Use them to prevent or as a remedy – your belly might stretch but you won’t have a mark to show for it.

Wink Belly Bands

For bump loss, Wink Belly Bands will make you look two inches slimmer tomorrow. This intimate shape wear line for new mommies helps your body bounce back into shape faster, eliminates the pooch and engages the core muscles. It claims to be better than the Bandit at slimming the hips, tummy and thighs. And best of all, shhh, no one has to know about it – the garments are silky, sleek and seamless under skinny size jeans. Hello baby! Bye-bye bump!

Kitchenaid classic stand mixer

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