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Popcorn Butter

July 6th, 2010

On a Southwest flight, sitting in my cozy middle seat with my seat belt fastened and electronic devices turned off and stowed away, waiting for the plane to take off, I flipped through the complimentary issue of Spirit Magazine. While it was not quite the same as 36 channels of free Direct TV, my flip through was enjoyable and I came across a recipe that I had to have Popcorn Butter.

So, I after some consideration (since A. it kinda feels like stealing, B. it’s hard to be discrete when you’re sharing an armrest with a stranger, and C. even if you’re the first one to read it, once it touches the inside of that seat-back pocket, it’s absolutely covered in germs), I grabbed the upper corner of the page, quickly ripped it out of the magazine and took it with me as a souvenir.

I have yet to try it, but how could it be anything short of absolutely amazing?! Popcorn + Butter together like PB + J.

Put 2 1/2 cups of popped popcorn in a food processor and grind until popcorn is the texture of coarse sand. Put 1/2 pound of softened unsalted butter in bowl of a stand mixer and blend with paddle attachment until it’s smooth and fluffy. Add ground popcorn and 1 1/2 teaspoons honey to butter. Mix well. Salt to taste. Makes one cup.

c/o Nate Boer at Caseus Bistro

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