Peepette no. 13

May 5th, 2010

What are women known for having?? Intuition! Yes, at times it seems like we over-think, over-analyze – and you (men) may even say “dwell” (eyes rolling). But, when it comes down to it, you can’t deny that our instincts (which help us make such wise decisions) are right. Especially when it comes to things we know, like cooking (that’s gonna burn…), cleaning (that’s gonna stain…), children (that’s gonna hurt…). But what about shopping – the part of being a Nestlette that a Nestlette adores!?

Unfortunately, here is where our powerful intuitive supersenses are weakened. Shopping is like cryptonite. We might have been able to say “No” to dessert but when it comes to a sales pitch, some of them can be really convincing. And what happens? Buyers remorse. It is cruel…but it can be prevented.

Peepette no. 13: Just say “no, thank you.”

Always remember, “You can’t believe everything you hear.” And that goes for (most) things, (some) people and (a lot of) places. So, if something about the sale seems fishy or something just doesn’t feel right about it, simply say, “No, thank you” and sleep on it. It is much more enjoyable to buy something you like than return something you hate.

Speaking of returning, make sure you know what you are getting into – ask about the return policy. I say, “All sales final” is a major turn off.

For instance, I recently got a facial and the aesthetician went on and on about how great these skincare products were and when I checked out, there they were sitting at the counter waiting for me. So, against my better judgment, I took all of them. And then, I broke out horribly. I called the spa to return them (they robbed me of over a hundred dollars of birthday money!) and they said it was against their policy (so is it against their spa policy to make you look good?). Fortunately, prior to phoning, I had told myself that anything less than a full refund (and apology for my undue stress after a relaxing spa treat) would be unacceptable – and I got my money back. However, this could have been a very tragic case of buyers remorse. Be weary ladies.

Share your return policy expertise with us! Let us know where we can shop freely and where to shop with caution

i.e., Sephora and Ulta – with receipt, exchange for item(s) of equal or greater value, no merchandise credit (kinda a bummer but not totally s.o.l.).

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