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Butter hands

February 25th, 2010

While butter fingers is an undesirable clumsy quirk, butter hands are a must have! Have you ever shaken the hands of someone who doesn’t moisturize? Hopefully they sanitize but clean hands are not enough I’m afraid – noteworthy soft hands are sure to make for a great introduction. Miss Oops Butter Hands hydrates and prevents wrinkles – yes wrinkles! We might prevent laugh lines on our faces but what about our hands? A young face with old hands isn’t going to fool anyone..

And don’t forget your toes. With spring, flowers bloom and peep shoes hit the streets! A great trend unless you have ugly feet. So get them ready for their debut from a season of boots with Pedicure in a Bottle! It exfoliates like a scrub (which is always a challenge to get a good scrub in the shower while balancing on one foot) and is non-greasy (so you won’t go slip sliding around the way some foot creams make you dance). The before and after photos say it all (click here – because pictures of even the nicest, softest feet are never a well-received visual). But you will see, they look really great after! If this takes the place of the pedi-grater (which also puts you in at awkward angle to use), then woo-hoo for Miss Oops!

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