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November 4th, 2009


Spritz the Bowl Before you Go and No One Else Will Ever Know.” It makes sense, doesn’t it?? You can light a candle, you can light match, you can waste your expensive French perfume – but what does that do? It is like being at a bonfire all night and lacquering your hair with spray the next morning. Basically, if the air did not create the problem then camouflaging the  air is not the solution to the problem. Poo-pourri is!

No. 2 for a lady (even though we stick to the notion that ours never does); and Royal Flush for the gentleman (because we know that his always does).

No. 2

Royal Flush

Also try Dia-pourri for your lil pooper and  Pooch-pourri for your four legged ones!

Available in multiple sizes, the 2 oz spritzer is convenient for on-the-go gotta gos!

From p.r. emergencies (public restroom) to the office to the guest bathroom – keeps you smelling like roses (or oranges or berries or mint)! Find the perfect one for you.

And no need to worry – If you can clean your toilet with toilet bowl cleaner (and I hope you do), then you can use this environmentally-friendly product too (and I think you should).

Cath Kidston antique rose bath sheet

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  1. On November 6, 01:26 Patty wrote

    Bethie…………I bought this last week. Really works! Patty

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