Peepette no. 20

November 11th, 2009

After moving halfway across the country, it was important that the few things we brought with us were well organized in our new home (apartment – they are homes too) and more important that they would be ready to go for our next move. Now, don’t get the wrong idea – we are not living nomadicly out of boxes. Simply put, I have “a place for everything and everything in its place.” All of this made possible by a trip to the Container Store. One of a Nestlettes best kept secrets.

Upon walking in to the store for the first time, I could already feel my new living space transform. Greeted by a display of clear plastic storage boxes – I grabbed a few of every size and eventually came back for more. But more than boxes, there is quite possibly a solution for everything! And on the Container Store website, there are more tips that go beyond organization (i.e., how to gift well).

Nestlette No-No

Nestlette No-No

Peepette no. 20: A Nestlette does not like clutter

(not in the brain, not in the house).

A Nestlette does not sweep things under the rug or shove things in the closet. She faces the clutter and handles it appropriately (i.e., creating a donation pile and heading over to Goodwill). She does not contribute to clutter and knows when to let things go.

Every Nestlettes' dream.

Every Nestlettes' dream.

Things that do not need to be kept: Anything you took because it was free, anything you bought because it was “a steal of a deal” or anything you accepted merely out of guilt because no one else wanted it and it met something to someone else.

That being said, a Nestlette also knows when to keep things too (shoes).

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2 Comments to This Article

  1. On November 11, 06:09 sarah wrote

    i fail at this! hehe- I ONLY buy “steal of a deals”- but i do hate clutter, and baskets and containers are my best friend, especially in a small house with equally small closets.

  2. On November 11, 09:42 elizabethie wrote

    Deals are steals as long as they are worth something to you! I love a good bargain. However, I have realized (especially from moving and packing) that I have fallen victim to a lot of inexpensive “I’m sure I can use this for something…” purchases. So, in ten years, if that deal is still hidden away in your closet, it robbed you! Darn discount psychology.

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