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Diapers: the good, the bad, and the stinky

November 3rd, 2009

Pampers Swaddlers Before I had my son in June, I spent my bed rest walking up and down the aisles of Target (a mommy never stays still, even a mommy-to-be!).  During that aisle walking, I spent a lot of time checking out which diapers the majority of people would buy.  I had always heard that diapers fit all babies differently, so I’d have to wait until my son arrived to see which one to buy.  At the hospital, they sent me home with bags and bags of Pampers Swaddlers, which helped a new mom and dad determine whether or not their baby has peed (which a cute stripe that appears if the diaper is wet).  I though, “Great, I’ll never buy any other diaper!”… but then weeks pass and you see how much your baby pees all over, poops 5 million times a day, and wait, what is that in the diaper?  Is it pee?  Is it poo?  Did it just move?  Gross!  It stinks!  Do I smell?  Do people think that I’m the one creating that smell when out in public?

But then like I said, weeks pass, and your love for your baby becomes so strong, that you don’t hesitate to just pull the diaper down, and touch it to see if it’s wet (but I advise not doing this in public because other people may find it weird and definitely wash your hands – twice even! – afterwards).  So seeing as I do this on a regular basis, why not buy cheaper diapers, without forgoing the quality?  Here are the diapers I’ve tried and my new-mom opinion on a scale of 1-10:

Huggies: Cute designs on the diaper, no wetness indicator, hardly any leakage.  Would buy on a regular basis if they were cheaper (even though you can find coupons for them in every sunday paper).   Rating: 7

Luvs:  I’ve heard there are die-hard Luvs fans out there, but I wasn’t too excited about them.  My son would leak out of one diaper at least once a day, even though they fit him properly.  They’re very reasonable, though, and offer GREAT wipes!  I’d say stick to another diaper, but I’d buy their wipes in a heartbeat (and do!  with a coupon, usually, from BJ’s).  Rating: 5

Pampers: Obviously, if I had an unlimited bank account (which most stay-at-home mom’s don’t), I’d buy Pampers all day long.  I’d invest in their stock!  I’d do free talks in hospitals, to new moms, just telling everyone how much I love them.  They’re extremely soft on my babies skin (so soft I’d wear them! but don’t, I promise you.  I couldn’t find a size big enough to fit over my post-pregnancy hips), hardly ever leaked, had wetness indicator, and smelt baby fresh.  Again, if I had more money, I’d buy pampers, especially the Pampers Swaddlers.  Rating: 10

BJ’s Brand: I was a little leery to try this store-brand diaper, but was very, very pleasantly surprised!  Saving myself $10 each time I go to BJ’s to get a box of these, I have found that I haven’t had one leak issue (in one month of trying them), and they have a cute pattern on them.  They’re definitely not the softest diaper out there, but my baby has not had one problem with them on his skin, so I’m pretty sure they’re not bothering him.  Definitely worth the savings, especially since I can spend that extra $10 in my pocket on a yummy latte with my best friend or husband.  Rating: 8

The key to savings with a baby is to join some kind of membership club, which costs roughly $45 a year, but you save on all sorts of baby items, and will eventually be saving on food to fill your growing 14 year old son’s stomach.  I’ve found BJ’s to be great, since you can use outside coupons on your items, plus BJ’s gives you a great coupon book each month for a lot of great things.

Mom’s out there: What are your money saving tips?

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