Peepette no. 17

October 29th, 2009

No doubt about it, iBerries are a great invention – they keep us connected, they keep us safe, they keep us organized. However, like all great technological advancements, when used to excess they become degenerative and detrimental.

Peepette no. 17: Be a conscientious iBerry user.

Know when to put your device away (and not just when a big screen of floating popcorn is asking you kindly to do so or when your conversation is interrupted by obnoxious sirens tailing your car). Appropriate times to leave your iBerry behind:

When you are on the toilet – don’t be a potty mouth. Set aside time during the day to do your business. Know when you are expecting something but when you are not, then don’t obsess with waiting to find something that’s not there? Do you wait by your mailbox for the postal carrier too?

When you are under noisy things like industrial blow dryers. Whoever you are talking to probably can’t hear you (if they can, then they also hear “woooosh” which is a bit unnerving). You can hardly hear, that is why you are shouting. Everyone around you can hear you, but they don’t necessarily want to – it’s amusingly awkward. This also goes for quiet areas like waiting rooms.

When you can’t breath. Unless you think you are about to pass out. Then do not hesitate. But if you are doing something in an effort to improve your overall self, then why would you want to sod it with the riff raff that only an iBerry can bring?

On the Phone

Also, avoid chatting while someone you don’t know is helping you – or else don’t be crass when you don’t get what you asked for (or pointed to). And don’t be texting when you are sitting across from someone you do know – real time Tweets don’t trump conversation.


Lastly, the Bluetooth. A safe solution for hands-free driving? Yes, a wise choice. Make you look like a top secret double agent? Maybe, but probably not. A fashionable accessory? No. Bedazzle them all you want with sparkly crystals and stick them in your ear – they will never be as stunning as diamond studs.

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