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October 20th, 2009

I adore Fred stuff (stuff – that is how they refer to their…stuff.)! In the world of Fred, function meets whimsy and adds flair to housework. This is what I have so far:

  • M-Cups measuring cups in the form of matryoshkas (such a doll to bake with)
  • Pac-Man Hothead oven mitt (a clever way of bringing Japanese retrogaming to life but this guy can not eat hot things for long and is better for quick ins and outs of the oven)
  • Evidence knife (a darker concept – the faux blood spatter makes me feel like I am living the double life of Dexter and also masques the occasional cutting board related injury)
  • Salt and Peeper bird (pours either salt or pepper with a twist of the bird’s eyes from blue to white or blue to black)

Peeper - a play on pepper

Another playful adornment of mine is my Animal House (like Fred but more kitschy if you are not an animal enthusiast) Ladybug mixing bowls. Three red nesting bowls (small, medium and large make for handy sizes) with a black brim to grip and a bunch of rounded, black rubber feet – they look like three upside down ladybugs and, in addition to being cute, they are dishwasher safe (so they practically take care of themselves).

Tocca candle in Tahiti

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The Tiare flower is as beautiful a symbol of the island of Tahiti as its native people. Its pure essence combined with the sweetness of coconut pays homage to the sensual tranquility of this most alluring of islands.

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